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Are you losing sleep over how you’ll survive retirement?

Are you losing sleep over how you’ll survive retirement when there is no social security, no guaranteed pension fund and no place for you in the workforce?   Not so long ago I was in the same uncomfortable position as you… Working tirelessly day in and day out feeling trapped in the corporate system. For…

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Baby Boomer Trends #2

Trend # 2 – Massive Shift in Online Purchasing   In the previous post, I started by sharing some of the trends that are affecting Baby Boomers and how it affects our retirement There is a massive shift in the buying habits of baby boomers online. Are you taking advantage of this? 96 percent of…

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Why Should You Blog?

That is a very good question, why should you blog? There are the personal reasons like to become a better writer, a better thinker. You’ll live a more intentional life, develop an eye for meaningful things. You can meet new people, become more rounded in your mindset, inspire others and make some money. Blogging is…

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At, Simple But Profitable, LLC, our mission is to empower and motivate baby boomers to find their own path of entrepreneurship to unlock a new found freedom and options other than traditional methods of retirement. We are here to help you retire with ease.  Topics covered on include senior travel, entrepreneurship, retirement planning and more. Thank you for being a part of our community!


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We have 6 children and most are grown and on their own thank goodness. Our youngest has PDS on the Autism Spectrum so he makes life interesting and we are glad he came when we could handle the patience needed to raise him. Deb was a Project Manager with AT&T and Ed was a Diesel Mechanic with Boyer Trucks. We decided it was time for Ed and Deb to retire. Our vision is to purchase a camper and travel while continuing to build our online business.

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